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Since Our Founding

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Our Story

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Trinity Oaks was founded on the premise that active participation in the outdoors is a powerful, healing, and fundamentally life-changing experience.

Giving Back

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For decades we have known the philosophical effects outdoor activities cause in participants and how that profoundly impacts the wellness of our society. Through our mission programs, Trinity Oaks is able to impact thousands of people who otherwise would not be able to experience the outdoors.


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Our programs and services are for underserved populations – such as veterans, youth, terminally ill and disabled – who benefit immensely from the outdoors, but otherwise would not be able to afford the experience.


To show our humble appreciation and immense respect for the brave men and women who are Purple Heart recipients or served during live combat.

Youth Programs

To support the education of youth through proper initiation and mentorship, ensuring the cultural and aesthetic pleasures of our hunting and fishing heritage.

Dream Trips

To grant the final wish of a terminally ill person by creating an outdoor experience the entire family will share forever as well as another reason for the recipient to fight just a bit harder to beat the illness.

Meat Processing & Distribution

To distribute our surplus game harvest to faith-based homeless shelters, soup kitchens, battered women’s homes, orphanages and area churches who minister to the hungry.


Thumbtack Ranch

The Thumbtack Ranch is a 2,000 acre year-round sportsmen's paradise located 90 minutes south of San Antonio in Batesville, Texas.

Paige's Place

Paige's Place is located in Port Mansfield, Texas and provides a handicap-accessible bay house and lighted fishing pier on the Gulf.



  • A special thank you to Trinity Oaks for what you provide for veterans including WWII, Korea and Vietnam – who never had opportunities such as this prior to Trinity Oaks.

    John Burkhardt
    John Burkhardt Vietnam Infantry / Purple Heart Recipient
  • I purchased a Trinity Oaks sponsored hunt at the Dallas Safari Club Convention in January. The hunt was with a wounded warrior, Larry Weishunh, Jim Zumbo and myself to be hosted through Trinity Oaks. The hunting experience was fantastic but what was even more fantastic and life impacting was to learn about the wonderful work Trinity Oaks performs. One afternoon I was given the opportunity for a tour and a chance to see the progress on Paige’s Place, what a special place of healing and enjoyment that will be when completed. Additionally, through the course of my visit I was able to learn about learn their food program and was truly amazed at the quantities of venison that has been provided to those who are truly in need. This is an organization I am proud to support and promote. I encourage everyone to take a look at Trinity Oaks and hopefully discover the importance of their continued success and donate generously in support of that cause.

  • The mission statement of "To take what we have been given and give back to make a difference in the lives of others," is something the entire team at Trinity Oaks takes to heart in everything it does whether it is getting youth into the outdoors, re-acquainting our veterans back into the outdoors or working locally in the community to make an impact this team puts everything it has into its programs.

    Kevin Paulson
    Kevin Paulson
  • Trinity Oaks Enterprises has a heart bigger than Texas! I own Alpen Optics and hold Celebration Hunts for Injured Female Veterans. When Trinity Oaks got wind of what I was doing they stepped in with arms and pocket books wide open! Six female vets were celebrated for their service to our county with hunting, fishing, music, 250 Combat Marine escort on Harleys! Tom Snyder and his awesome volunteers (hundreds of folks with so much love to share) just stepped up to the plate and created an experience for these women they will never forget....that their injuries do not define them and the outdoors is healing. I could go on and on....God Bless Trinity Oaks for their work with Veterans, children, folks with challenges, food banks...there is no end to their enthusiasm and passion for helping others. Blessings, Vickie Gardner, VP of STUFF and Marketing Alpen Optics

    Alpen Optics
    Alpen Optics
  • Thank you. THANK YOU!!! I just wanted to send you ALL a note to let you know just how thankful and blessed that I feel that I was able to attend the caregivers retreat yesterday . It was beyond obvious how hard and dedicated you all were to making the day as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.  I had an amazing time.  Met some new women.  And felt so very appreciated. I honestly can not thank you all enough.  What an amazing way to start off this holiday season. Please let me know if there is anything I can ever do to help out trinity oaks, with my time, or abilities.  I would LOVE to help you all out the way you have helped me and hopefully help others in turn. Thank you again for an amazingly blessed experience. Very respectfully,

    Sierra Barclay
    Sierra Barclay

Help by giving back to make a difference in the lives of others.

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