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Trinity Oaks Outdoors dedicates our Heroes Celebrations to humbly serving and sharing our appreciation for the brave men and women who protect our American way of life.  Our outdoor program for Heroes focuses on combat veterans of all generations and first responders.  We understand that healing internal and external injuries, as well as the promotion of general well-being is a process made easier by spending time outdoors.

“Having been to war and on the hunt, I understand that these are my natural habitats, my natural state of being. One has made me better at the other."
-Jack Carr, Veteran Navy Seal famed fiction author

Veterans and first responders are a population at high risk for emotional stress that weighs on entire families. From reduced stress and lower pain levels, active participation in the outdoors helps with healing. Research has shown that time spent in nature offers valuable therapeutic benefits to veterans and first responders.

Our nation’s wounded veterans suffer from depression, alcoholism, and suicide rates much higher than the national average. The VA publishes that 22 veterans commit suicide daily. The problem is not solvable via military and community resources alone – the military clearly states that community resources beyond veteran services must be developed and aided to successfully help our heroes and their families (Cost of War, 2014, Texas has the second highest veteran population in the country (only behind California) as well, with 1.3 million war heroes.

For our Heroes, Trinity Oaks Outdoors hosts experiences of a lifetime!  Through adaptive methods, such as Trinity Oaks Outdoors’ Action Trackchair (a customized, all-terrain wheelchair on tracks), participants can move beyond physical limitations to enjoy hunting and fishing with increased mobility and independence.  We understand that not all injuries are physical and often host live combat veterans who are dealing with PTSD and other mental traumas. At the end of each trip, the harvested fish or game is processed and given to the participants.

veterans event

As with all our programs, thanks to the generosity of our donors, these are completely free of charge for participants

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