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Bringing Hope and Joy: Join Us in Supporting Dream Trips

At Trinity Oaks Outdoors, we are humbled to have the privilege of hosting individuals battling life-threatening illnesses on our extraordinary Dream Trips. These trips serve as a cherished opportunity to fulfill individuals last outdoor-based wishes.

For those battling life-threatening illnesses, the impact of nature programming is nothing short of extraordinary.

According to the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, fulfilling the dreams of children in such circumstances and connecting them with nature not only alleviates their psychological stress, but also lightens the burden on their families, providing them with a meaningful way to cope with their impending loss.

Top medical professionals caring for sick children recognize that meeting psychosocial needs is vital. These needs include allowing them the precious time to be children, engaging in age-appropriate activities, addressing their spiritual needs by expressing gratitude for nature or their beliefs, and fulfilling their wishes whenever possible. By addressing these needs, we can significantly support families as they navigate the impending loss of their loved one and aid in the grieving process.

Your support makes a difference. By donating to Trinity Oaks Outdoors and our Dream Trips, you can bring hope, joy, and healing to those battling life-threatening illnesses. Join us in providing these unforgettable experiences and helping families find solace in nature.


It is a blessing to bring joy to a person battling a life-threatening illness.