Statement of Values for Trinity Oaks Outdoors

The Trinity Oaks Outdoors (TOO) adheres to the highest ethical standards. The public’s trust in our performance is vital to our ability to fulfill our mission. Our constituents, including our donors, volunteers, and members as well as the governmental and business entities with whom we regularly interact, trust us to faithfully pursue our mission, to be good stewards of our resources, and to uphold rigorous standards of conduct.

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These values lead directly to our Code of Ethics and underlie our commitment to our mission. The values inform and guide the actions that TOO should take in developing our policies and practices.

We have been entrusted with these one-of-a-kind properties to our care. We experience the joy and the responsibility of his legacy every day, in all of our actions. There will be times when we disagree on direction, or when the temptation to travel the expedient path will be hard to resist. If we let our mission guide us, we will choose the right thing to do.

Good Stewards
Our care for our resources is guided by recognized science and the best practices in natural resource management that are responsive to the needs of these unique properties. We take a sound scientific, ecosystem approach to our stewardship.

Ethics govern behavior that affects public opinion of sportsmen, ethical behavior in the field ensures that our work is valid and favorable in the light of public opinion. We strive to uphold ethical behavior that has to do with issues of fairness, respect, and responsibility.


I. Personal and Professional Integrity
TOO promotes an environment that values respect, fairness, and integrity and expects each member of its staff and board, as well as its volunteers, to act accordingly.

II. Mission
TOO has a clearly stated mission and purpose, approved by the board, in pursuit of the public good. All of its programs support that mission and all who work for or on behalf of TOO understand and are loyal to that mission and purpose. The mission is responsive to the constituency and communities served by TOO organization and of value to the society at large.

III. Governance
The Executive Board and Trustees of TOO is an active governing body responsible for setting our mission and strategic direction and for the oversight of the activities of our staff in managing our finances, operations, and policies.

IV. Legal Compliance
TOO recognizes our obligation to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

V. Responsible Stewardship
TOO manages our resources appropriately to accomplish our mission. Such resources include not only our financial resources but also our human and intellectual resources, our property (whether owned or otherwise under our stewardship), and our reputation.

VI. Openness and Disclosure
TOO is open about and provides appropriate disclosures of our activities. All solicitation materials accurately represent the organization’s policies and practices and all financial, organizational, and program reports will be complete and accurate in all material respects.

VII. Program Evaluation
TOO regularly reviews the effectiveness of our programs and is committed to continually improving our programs.

VIII. Inclusiveness and Diversity
TOO promotes inclusiveness and diversity in our staff, board, and volunteers to enrich or organization and to promote the effectiveness of our programs.

IX. Fundraising
TOO is truthful in all of our fundraising activities. TOO respects the requests of our donors and expends funds consistent with donor intent. TOO discloses all relevant information to potential donors in a manner that faithfully represents the activities of our organization.


Trinity Oaks Outdoors (TOO) is committed to respecting the privacy of our donors. TOO has developed this Privacy Policy to ensure our donors that their intentions will be honored and their information will not be shared with any third party.

TOO provides this Privacy Policy to our donors on our website to ensure that they are aware of this policy and to inform them of the way their information is used. We also provide donors with the opportunity to remove their name from our mailing list. It is our desire not to send any unwanted mail to our donors. Donors may contact TOO if they wish to be partially or fully removed from the TOO mailing list.

Information Collected
The website of TOO is This site was created to provide the public with information about our organization and accepting online donations. We gather information about our participants, volunteers, and donors through this website as well as by phone, through e- mail, the post, and in person. The types of information we collect and maintain are:

  • Contact information including: name, address, phone number, email address.

  • Donation information including: credit card type, credit card number and expiration date,

and maintenance of donor contact.

  • Information about how donors heard of TOO.

  • Any other information that is relevant to the donor relationship with TOO.

Individuals who are contributors who have not requested to be removed from the mailing list may receive fundraising appeals, periodic e-mails, invitations to our events and other mailings related to programs and services.
Payment processing is powered by via PayPal and information collected is protected by the latest SSL encryption. PayPal does not sell, trade, rent or share your information with any entity other than TOO, which receives your payment and the vendor we have selected to process payment transaction, which has its own privacy policy.

How Information Is Used
TOO uses donor information to help complete a donation transaction, communicate back to donors and to update our donor database. Credit card numbers are used only for donation or payment processing and are not retained for any other purpose. TOO will not sell, rent, or trade your personal information to other organizations. Routinely, donor names are published in lists as an acknowledgement of gratitude for support. However, we respect anonymity if donors prefer not to be listed as a donor to TOO. E-mail addresses are collected for the purpose of sending out program information and other event-related communications. TOO will not sell, rent, trade or otherwise reveal email addresses to any entity. The TOO is concerned about the protection of donor privacy and not to have personal information shared with others.