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Paige’s Place is located in Port Mansfield, Texas and provides a handicap-accessible bay house and lighted fishing pier on the Gulf.

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For Youth

Named after Paige Snyder, who lost her battle with leukemia in July 2011, Paige’s Place is a fully handicap accessible bay home and fishing pier.  Dedicated to preserving Paige’s memory, this 4 bedroom, 2-bath house has its own private first-class fishing pier and can sleep up to 16 people.

Paige’s Place provides grieving, terminally ill, disabled, or adopted children and their families an engaging outdoor diversion adventure. Whether it be illness, physical limitations, or financial constraints, many children have little opportunity to explore the great outdoors or experience nature-based outlets for healing. A common response from these children is they simply do not feel like other normal kids. Fishing seems to even the playing field, the children get an opportunity for normalcy; to laugh, goof around, enjoy their family, catch fish, and most importantly, be a kid. It is humbling to see their excitement reeling in a fish and the proud smiles that follow as they’re holding up their prize.

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For Veterans

The positive affect of healing and rehabilitation from experiences in the outdoors and fishing is clear. Through adaptive methods and handicap accessible modifications at Paige’s Place, veterans can move beyond their limitations to learn a new skill or experience a hobby they never imagined would be a possibility for them. This is our way of showing appreciation to these heroes: a place for our heroes to gather, share similar experiences, and enjoy the sport of fishing.


For Other Nonprofits

We are happy to share our blessings with others to expand our impact on our community.  If you are a faith-based organization or have like-minded goals, please reach out on the possibility to use our retreats free of charge.

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In Loving Memory

Paige’s Place was donated in 2011 to Trinity Oaks in memory of Paige Snyder, niece of Tom and Nona Snyder, Trinity Oak’s Co-Founders. Paige was a beautiful young woman who lost her battle with Leukemia at the age of 17. In the last months of her life, Paige was confined to a wheelchair and her family had a difficult time finding a place to enjoy her love of fishing that could accommodate her. Paige’s Place will focus on making the outdoors more accessible for children, veterans, and their families.

In December 2012. the Snyder family was dealt another unimaginable tragedy: The parents of Paige, Robert and Beatriz Snyder, were gunned down in their San Antonio home. The victims’ second daughter, Brooke, escaped by jumping out of a second story window. The 20 year-old moved in with family while dealing with her devastating losses. Paige’s Place is a sanctuary, a tribute to the memory of both Paige and her family.


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